Mac OS X Brew docker-compose won’t run due to “Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon” error

It’s reported as fixed since 2015 here but if running:

docker-compose build

Still says “you might need to run docker-machine start default“, you can’t connect, and the docker-machine is already running, you can configure compose to use the machine with

eval "$(docker-machine env default)"

PostgreSQL services Mac OS X Lion start/stop

When it comes to manually start/stop services installed by PostgreSQL on a Mac, I had a hard time figuring out how to do it, so here is the solution:

First you need to know where definition files for daemons are located:


Here you will find at least 2 files (if you installed EnterpriseDB-ApachePhp with StackBuilder)


You can start/stop this daemons with:

launchctl start com.edb.launchd.apache
launchctl stop com.edb.launchd.apache


launchctl start com.edb.launchd.postgresql-9.1
launchctl stop com.edb.launchd.postgresql-9.1